Council U-turn On The George Square Revamp

Earlier this month 6 ideas were proposed for the re- design of George Square, Glasgow. We blogged about the this and made mention of which one,  some of us in the office would have liked. All of the proposals were ambitious and most involved some form of fountain or water feature. £15 million  was the budget and in this financial climate it seemed a large price tag  for a cash strapped council. The schemes drew strong negative public reaction and because of that the  Councillors have decided to drop the idea of a redesign and go for a “facelift” instead, involving  the replacement of the red surface of the square, but not much else, by the sounds of it. It was interesting to note that our choice was not the winning design. Yes, someone did win even though it is not going ahead. The winning design was by John McAlsan  (the first design we described in our blog) and one can only imagine that he would be pretty annoyed with the council: one minute he learns he has won and the next  he is told it is  abandoned. You can only feel sorry for those guys. But in saying that it is a brave move of the Council to back track so resoundingly.

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Elizabeth is our Business Development Manager. She has a degree in both English Literature and Law from Glasgow University. After graduating in 1983 she served her traineeship as a solicitor in Oban. When she was admitted as a solicitor her first job was at Mitchells Roberton in 1985 so she is a well known face. She spread her wings and joined other firms along the way and had a successful law practice under her own name for some years. She returned to Mitchells Roberton in 2011 and works primarily to enhance the marketing of our firm. With her excellent links with small business and the media in the greater Glasgow area, she is well placed in the role and generates a good deal of referrals and new business. Elizabeth is a people person and naturally connects with both staff and clients. Elizabeth has two grown up children and loves walking her dog, travelling and reading literature.

2 thoughts on “Council U-turn On The George Square Revamp

  1. I think it’s remarkable that the council can treat a business with such disrespect, as we all know the amount of time money and effort involved in bidding for any public sector contracts. IT seems to me that the council didn’t do their homework properly and listen to the public voters first of all.

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