New Tenancy Information Packs must be Issued by Landlords

Since the 1 May 2013 a tenancy information pack (TIP) has had to be provided for all new assured and short assured tenancies. This duty also applies to the renewal of tenancy arrangements when a new agreement is drawn up between the existing landlord and tenant.

The tenancy information pack is a standardised pack which provides information to tenants in privately rented housing.  It includes details on the Repairing Standard and its provision satisfies the separate obligation of a landlord to issue a tenant with written facts about the landlord’s duty to repair and maintain.

Landlords have a legal duty to supply the tenancy information pack as it is set out on the Scottish Government website. The pack must not be modified although more detailed information such as property specific information and local contacts can be made available to supplement the TIP. Failure to provide a tenancy information pack is a criminal offence. If a landlord does not give the pack to the tenant a fine of up to £500 can be levied.

Changes to the TIP came into force on Tuesday 2 February 2016 as introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. The TIP has been amended to include new obligations on landlords.

There are three new amendments:

  1. The acknowledgement form (Page 1) has changed to insert a new requirement that landlords must provide tenants with a copy of the electrical inspection record.
  2. Section 2.2 (Electrical Safety) gives information on a landlord’s obligation to arrange electrical safety inspections.
  3. Section 2.6 (Repairing Standard) supplies information on a landlord’s obligation to have carbon monoxide detection in his/her rented properties and a local authority’s right to refer repairing standard matters to the Private Rented Housing Panel.

These changes are not retrospective so all TIPs issued prior to 2 February 2016 remain valid.

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