Commonwealth Games Trading Regulations

Unauthorised street trading, advertising, ambush marketing and busking at 17 Commonwealth Games venues will be banned under regulations published by  the Scottish Government on the 16/5/2013 for consultation.

The rules will apply before and during sporting events at next year’s Commonwealth Games . Anyone involved in unauthorised trading or advertising will be liable to have merchandise seized or be fined up to £20,000 if convicted. The Consultation sets out a plan of action for the controls, detailed plans of the areas affected and the length of time that the restrictions will last. Enforcement will be by designated and experienced officers drawn from local authorities and appointed by Glasgow 2014.

Commonwealth Games Minister Shona Robison said :

“ Regulating trading and advertising in the vicinity of the sports arenas ensures that we can protect the character and integrity of the Commonwealth Games and minimise disruption to local people or businesses. These regulations will allow Glasgow 2014 to control activity at an appropriate scale that allows the free flow of spectators and traffic to and from the Games venues.”